Numbers are Fun!

With this worksheet, the students can revise the cardinal numbers from 1 till 100.

First, they have a table with the written numbers, so that they are easier to memorize. At the same time, the written numbers at the top of the worksheet will help the students to solve the crossword puzzle and the word search on the second page.

So, this worksheet has two pages: on the first one, we have the written numbers to help the students and an exercise with a crossword puzzle. On the second page, the students will find a word search to find specific numbers. When the students finish the two exercises, they can colour the numbers for fun!


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My clothes – What are they wearing?

This worksheet has three exercises.

In the first one, the students have to follow the lines to build the correct word (the same letter can be used more than once) and write them in the tag label.

In the second exercise, the students have to read the sentences and match them with the right clothes.

The students have to colour the clothes as mentioned at the bottom of the page. This way the students can also practice the colours at the same time as they practice clothes.

clothesDownload here

This is my family (2)

This is another version of this worksheet. The students can practice the members of the family in a funny and enjoyable way.

In this worksheet, the students will have two tasks: first, they have to cut the words given (family members) in the box and glue them under the right picture. Second, they have to solve the crossword puzzle.

this is my family

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My Family – a worksheet about family members

With this worksheet, the students can practice the family members, always in a funny way!

They have two tasks: first, they have to solve the code to find out who is who in the family. Second, they have to solve the crossword puzzle. After this, the students can colour the pictures.


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Funny Monsters! – a worksheet to describe monsters

The aim of this worksheet is to practice the body parts. The students start by describing a monster, which is already drawn (they can colour it as they like). After that, they can draw their own monster and describe it, giving it a name, which is always funny for them.

With “Funny Monsters!” your students will practice the body parts in a funny and entertaining way!

funny monsters Download here

The Monsters’ Game – a boardgame to learn body parts

This is a boardgame to practice the body parts in a funny way.

Each student/pair has a counter and they have to move anywhere into the boardgame to “collect” each body part. They collect the body parts by saying them right. When they do, they tick the corresponding body part on the table provided (also included in the printable).

When they have ticked every body part, they need to reach the monster of their counter’s colour to win the game.

More detailed instructions are included in the printable, along with counters and the table to tick the body parts.

monsters game

Download here

Funny Fruit! – a worksheet to practice fruit items

This worksheet is about learning the names of some fruit.

The students have to solve the crossword puzzle, then unscramble the words. After they have to find the words in the word search and finally colour the pictures.

Funny fruit

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We are Sea Animals – a worksheet to cut and paste

With this activity, the students will practice some of the sea animals in a funny way. They have to cut the words at the bottom of the page and glue them under the right sea animal. After this, they colour the animals as they want.


Download here

I have a pet – Accordion Book to practice pets

This is a book about pets which will end up in the form of an accordion (the students have to cut the animals on the second page, glue them on the right spot, fold the pages and colour the book).

The students always like to work with scissors and glue and, most of all, end up with some work they can take home.


Download here

The Food Alphabet – Picture Dictionary

This is a picture dictionary with the alphabet, where the words are food items. It includes a little rhyme and the food names at the bottom of the page. You can use it as a poster and/or as a rhyme.


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